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How to Raise Money Selling Coupon Books PDF

Everybody loves a bargain! One of the most effective fundraising projects for any type of nonprofit organization is selling coupon books within their communities. Many schools and athletic teams take advantage of the opportunity to market local coupon books such as the ones produced by

This particular company produces coupon books specific to the southern Alabama and northern Florida areas. There are similar fundraising programs in most areas. Each book is filled with substantial discount offers for local restaurants and entertainment venues. Many of the offers are buy one get one free offers for meals.

The books sell for $12 - $15, which makes it easy for people to justify purchasing them. Individuals who use only one or two coupons from one of these books will likely save more money than they paid for the book. Those who take full advantage of the special offers can save a great deal of money.

It's usually very easy to sell coupon books to friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, and other contacts. After all, most people are more than willing to help out a charitable organization when doing so also offers benefits to them. Anyone who eats out frequently can easily see the value of this type of fundraising project. Books filled with coupons that are good deals practically sell themselves.

Coupon book fundraisers offer local restaurants and attractions an opportunity to attract new customers, help buyers save money on meals and entertainment, and offer nonprofit organizations and opportunity to raise money selling something that people won't mind purchasing. Raising money by selling local coupon books is a win-win opportunity for everyone involved!

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