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How To Go Green With Your Fundraising PDF

Green fundraising is the latest trend among fundraisers. Why? Mainly because green fundraising capitalize on people’s desire to go green and stop the global warming. Saving the planet has never been so profitable. Every green fundraiser offers a wide range of services and products that help people go green. The products range from organic foods and reusable shopping bags to saving trees and animals.

Every detail is considered in order to enrich people's life and improve the environment. For instance, if you are planning to host a green event to raise money, you can include organic foods in your “scheme”. Such products are dry – they come as a sort of premixed powders that need eggs and water in order to become delicious goodies. You can also try a bake sale and sell organic fruits and breads.

Another product you can use in order to make your fundraising greener than ever is the reusable shopping bag because these bags can eliminate the constant need for plastic bags. The plastic bags are a waste that contribute to the present pollution in the whole world. Offering trees is among the most successful methods to make people green and provide them with numerous benefits related to purchasing and planting the trees by themselves. Remember that going green is a simple concept that can be implemented in almost every fundraising organization.  Just take a closer look at the following ideas in order to decide which one fits your fundraising profile.

The silent auction is not the latest idea but it is definitely among the greenest ones. The only thing that you will have to do is to provide yourself with items donated by your community businesses. Next, you will run a silent auction in order to make your organization benefit from it. Actually, you can hold the silent auction all by yourself – just place a clipboard that has room both for the person’s name and the necessary bid amount. People will be walking around, looking at your items and placing their bids on them. You can also choose an alternative way by doing the whole bidding in secret – every person will donate a specified amount of money. Whoever manages to pay the highest amount of money will get to keep that particular item. The rest of these funds will be collected and used as a donation for your organization. Your silent auction can also be provided with a green theme/ green products and services – for instance, you can use recycled materials or you can get some donations from the gardening shops.   

Another great idea for your green fundraising is to make sun tea – yes, you have read it well. Making tea with the natural sunlight is delicious and green too. You can raise money from the tea bags and larger glass jars you are planning to use for this event. You should pre-take the orders for the sun tea and arrange a day in order to make all this tea. Attach a "thank-you" note to every glass jar and drop off the sun tea at the established day.

The green cookbook can be used in order to improve your green fundraising. By using the green cookbook, you will also help your community use the locally grown produce and eat better than ever; your organization will raise the funds you need while providing your community with such green cookbooks. But first of all, you will have to collect the necessary recipes from the local community. You can also go online and start looking for eco-friendly and organic recipes that make use of the locally grown items. You can start from here. Spreading the word is the next step you should follow in order to make sure that your recipes collection will have a lot of fans and submissions. Once you have these recipes, print them on recycled paper. Once your green cookbook is created, you can host a bake sale with green recipes from your book and sell your cookbook as well.   

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