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Looking for an innovative school fundraiser that really gets the kids involved in all aspects of the process? With an ArtStamps fundraiser, the kids can play a hands-on role in actually creating the items they sell. Youngsters get a chance to show off their artistic skills by designing stamps, which ArtStamps actually converts to genuine United States Postal service stamps.

The student designed stamps become the heart of the fundraising effort. Kids are able to sell their customized stamp designs to raise money for their schools. Each sheet of stamp sells for $25.00, of which the school receives $5.00.

An ArtStamps fundraiser is also a great way to encourage creativity, and to inspire multiple purchases from parents and other supportive family members. Everyone uses stamps on a regular basis, so there is certainly a demand for the type of product you will be selling! What better way to make sure that your fundraising project offers goods that people really need. It will be very rare to come across an individual who can honestly refuse to purchase from your fundraiser because they don't need stamps.

Implementing an Art Stamps fundraiser is a wonderful way for schools to raise money, and it offers an excellent opportunity to allow youngsters to use their creativity and develop an understanding of the relationship between work and reward. If you're interested in investigating the possibility of starting an ArtStamps fundraiser at your school, call 877-4 A Stamp or click here to request an information kit.

Connecticut-based ArtStamps was founded by parent George Castineiras in 2005, as an outgrowth of his desire to share the artwork created by his own children with other family members.

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