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Expand Your Fundraising Horizons With Online Fundraising Auctions PDF

Many nonprofits hold silent and live auction events to raise money for their organizations. While these types of fundraising events can be very profitable, there are a number of advantages to moving auction fundraiser events to the online arena.

Benefits of Online Auctions
There are three major advantages associated with holding fundraising auctions online. They are:

1. No Geographic Boundaries: Donors and buyers can participate in your online auction no matter where they live. People can bid on the items in your online auction from any spot in the world. You are much more likely to get a larger quantity of bids, and higher bids, when your auction is able to reach a worldwide market.

2. 24/7 Special Event Fundraising: Live auctions have to be held during the hours an event is scheduled. Any time you hold a live auction event, there is a good chance that the people you most want to participate will not be able to attend during the scheduled time. With an online auction, this ceases to be an issue.

You can hold your online auction open for just a few hours, or for several days or even weeks. The bidding window is up to you. You can even add new items on a regular basis, to encourage bidders to return time and time again.

3. Minimal Planning Work: When you schedule a live auction event, in addition to getting donations, you also have to worry about the details of planning a party or other event, selling tickets, confirming attendance, etc. With an online auction, you can focus on securing the best possible donation items instead of spending time on event planning.

4. Measurable Results: It’s easy to use the results from an online action to track future fundraising efforts. Since the auction event occurs online, there will be a data trail of relevant details, including the starting bid, number of bids, incremental increases of offers, etc. This information can definitely help you in planning future online and offline fundraising events.

Ready to try your hand at an online auction for your organization? For information about putting online auctions to work for your organization, see CMarket's website.

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