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Enjoy Fundraising Success With Your Own Personalized Fundcraft Cookbook PDF

Interested in raising money for your club or nonprofit organization? All types of organizations create and sell personalized cookbooks as a means of raising money. Many people love to cook, and everyone loves to eat. Additionally, many great cooks love to share their recipes, particularly if doing so helps raise money for their church, civic group, professional organization, or favorite charity.

Many groups select Fundcraft, an organization that has specialized in helping nonprofits create personalized fundraising cookbooks since 1906. Fundcraft can be a great resource for creating this type of fundraising program, as organizations simply have to collect the recipes for their publication. Fundcraft complies the recipes into books, complete with full cooler covers and section dividers, resulting in a professional produced volume of recipes that members, supporters, and community members at large will be proud to add to their recipe book collections.

When Fundcraft creates a book for your organization, you can enlist the assistance of your members to sell the cookbook in whatever manner you see fit, whether through direct sales, in local gift shops, through craft fairs, etc. Additionally, your book will be offered for sale on Fundcraft’s worldwide website, Cookbooks Online. You can also view existing fundraising cookbooks, to get a good idea of the types of organizations that have decided to utilize this company’s services.

One of the great features of the Fundcraft cookbook program is that organizations are not required to pay for the books prior to publication. Groups have more than sixty days to sell and pay for cookbooks before being required to pay for them. This is a great benefit for nonprofits, who often do not have access to funds to pay for production fees until they have a chance to sell some of the books.

Fundcraft can be an affordable solution for charitable and other nonprofit organizations looking for a red hot fundraising idea. A popular cookbook can generate revenue for your club or group for years to come. With Fundcraft’s original cookbook program, the minimum order is 200 books. Reprints may be ordered to meet additional product demand.

Fundcraft has created more than 100,000 cookbooks for organizations in all 50 U.S. states. For more information about how to raise money with a personalized fundraising cookbook, see  

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