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Enjoy Big Profits With Greeting Card Fundraisers PDF

Are you looking for a different type of fundraiser for your nonprofit organization? You might be surprised to find that there are opportunities to earn a significant amount of money selling greeting cards on behalf of your group. Many schools, civic clubs, church groups, and other organizations raise money every year with greeting card fundraisers.

You don't have to make your own greeting cards to enjoy earning big profits with greeting card fundraisers. A number of companies manufacture and package greeting cards specifically for use in nonprofit fundraising programs. Bella Cartolina, for example, is one of the companies that offers a successful greeting card fundraising program.

This particular company offers high quality, attractive boxed greeting cards that are available only through fundraisers. The cards are packaged in elegant boxes, making them perfect for gift giving for special occasions as well as for personal use.

Organizations can choose among several different styles and designs for their fundraising products. The company offers assorted greeting cards for all occasions as well as blank note cards perfect for writing thank you notes or other personalized greetings. Custom printing options are also available.

To run your organization's fundraiser, members simply take orders and collect payment. When placing the order with the company, half the wholesale cost of the order is paid in advance. The other half is paid when the cards are delivered via a COD shipment. Members will simply distribute cards to those who purchased them, resulting in happy customers and financial gain for the group.

With a Bella Cartolina greeting card fundraiser, organizations earn $6 profit for every box of card sold. Since most people utilize greeting cards on a regular basis, selling the cards is not difficult. Groups have been known to raise large sums of money as the result of holding successful greeting card sales drives.

The company will provide posters and other marketing materials, and you may order sales presentation kits and sales manager kits for a nominal fee that covers shipping and handling. These tools can play an important role in boosting your sales and, ultimately, your group's profits.

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