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Fundraising has its own seasons and you may want to take a better look at the special fundraising occasions that may be provided by each season of the year. For instance, spring is to be regarded as a great time to have special events organized, get new donors for your cause and cultivate your old relationships. Summer is the perfect time to have your fall fundraisers planned. However, you should not mail fundraising appeals during this season because your donors might be in vacation and will not respond to your requests.

Just make sure that you keep in touch with all your best donors and even get to know them better. Also, summer is the perfect time to mail all the planned giving information in order to give your donors extra time to make things happen before the year is over. Remember that fall is to be regarded as the prime fundraising season. For instance, October is the best month to send direct mails and you should get ready for this early in the month.

For instance, if you have a really good story, you should pitch it to the media because now is the time to do this. Plus, you should get all the necessary Holiday cards ready in order to go straight to mail soon after Thanksgiving. However, you must make sure that these Holiday cards will not be sent later than the first days in December because you should not bother sending mails later than these days because mails are most likely to get lots in all the Holiday rush. Winter is also a great time to “plant” your fundraising ideas – for instance, you can put together some gift summaries for your potential donors in January in order for them to use these for their taxes.

Plus, you may ask your donors to begin the New Year by joining your fundraising cause. Here are some  ideas in order to have your seasonal fundraiser planned according to the products that are most likely to sell during a particular season. Thanksgiving Turkey and Halloween Pumpkin Patch are the best fundraising ideas that can be used during fall. For instance, Halloween is to be regarded as a great opportunity when it comes to organizing a fundraiser. You may buy pumpkins in bulk in order to get extra profit for your fundraising organization.

Also, you may consider selling turkeys for Thanksgiving because this is one of the easiest ways to raise the necessary funds for your cause. All you will have to do is to line up the wholesale source, come up with an order form and a quality brochure and start taking all the orders. Then, you will have to do the bulk purchase with all the money coming from the prepaid orders. Next, you will have to arrange the pickup day and you may even charge a small extra if you are the one who has to make the necessary deliveries.  

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