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When planning to organize an art based fundraiser, you should try your best and pay attention to productivity when it comes to your fund raising efforts. For instance, you should not forget that fund raising time is really expensive – make sure that you don’t invest time or money on unproductive activities or prospects because the cost of your time is likely to go up and up. Instead, you should use your time wisely.

Next, you should find out which donor is the right one for you. Base the ideal donor profile on your current and past successful relationships in order to avoid poor matches when it comes to selecting your potential donors. Plus, you should keep in mind that your current donors are not likely to be enough for your fund raising cause. New-donor acquisition is to be regarded as a real must for your future growth and you will have to make sure that your present fund raising team manages to balance its time between current-donor relationships and new-donor acquisitions.

Bringing some science to your fund raising art is vital – just create the necessary process framework in order to promote the regular analysis of your performance metrics. Track and analyze your past and current performance in order to find out what you can do in order to increase your future productivity. When choosing an art-based fundraiser in order to raise funds for a school, you may rest assured because there will be no hard work for the parents mainly because such a fundraiser does not feel like true work for the parents involved in this type of fund raising project.

With an art based fundraiser, you will provide children with the chance to express their creativity. For instance, an art based fundraiser will encourage children to express their genuine imagination and explore its realms. Every child will get the chance to feel like a true artist and each of his/her pieces of artwork may be treated as a real masterpiece.

You may hold an art based fundraiser where every child’s artwork will be produced and based on a custom proof. By using this custom proof, you will allow the parents to see all the artwork produced by their children and even purchase the custom keepsakes that are created from the pieces of artwork produced by their beloved children. Children will get the valuable chance to see that their work is being appreciated and it is worthy of being shown on custom products. Even if some parents will not purchase items, an art based fundraiser will allow their children to keep their own custom proof.

Another funny and interesting way to raise the necessary funds for your organization is by organizing an art raffle fundraiser. You will host a fund raising event where various local artists donate some samples of their current or past work and your organization sells an established number of raffle tickets – usually, this number is the same as the donated art items. These tickets will be randomly drawn during your fund raising event and each of the ticket holders will select his/her artwork piece right off the walls.

In order to pull off an art based event, you will have to provide yourself with extensive contacts belonging to your local art community in order to get the necessary donated artwork. Also, having such contacts will help you get an upscale location for your art based fundraiser and even precious publicity in order to attract some well-heeled art patrons.

Even if an art gallery might be a great location for your art based fundraiser, this location is not an essential one. For instance, you may go for a community meeting place, corporate headquarters locations or a convention center because each of these may turn out to be a very good location. Keep in mind that you need a location that is well-known, has plenty of parking places together with permits to serve alcoholic beverages and food.

Next, you will have to get art donated to your cause and you will have to convince artists that the exposure you will provide to them is worth their donation. For instance, you may invite them to your art based fundraisers in order to get the chance to describe their pieces, mingle with different art patrons and make possible contacts for their future sales. Plus, you may feature their biography along with descriptions and pictures of the exact type of work they are dedicated to and have their contact information included in your booklets distributed to every participant.        

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