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 Sample Fundraising Letter: Donor Thank You Letter

Is your fundraising campaign coming to a close? Don't get so focused on tabulating the results that you forget to say thank you to your donors. Following up your fundraising efforts by sending effective thank you letters to those who contributed can be an excellent way to cultivate a loyal following of supporters. Let your donors how much you appreciate them in a timely manner and they'll be more likely to continue to give generously to your cause in the future.


Dear [Name of Volunteer]:


Thank you so much for your tireless commitment to helping [name of organisation] raise the funds necessary to continue to provide services to individuals affected by [issue] in our community. Thanks to your tireless efforts, the final total for the [event] fundraiser is [number] dollars. To accomplish this goal, you and the other volunteers contributed [number] of hours, which made a huge difference in the outcome of the campaign.


The money raised with your assistance will help fund a variety of [name of organisation]'s projects, including [example, example, and example]. Thanks to your willingness to give freely of your valuable time, the lives of many people affected by [issue] will be improved. When you

see examples of [name of organisation]'s work, you'll be able to know that your efforts play an important role in making these services possible.


Your generosity makes a huge difference in the lives of many people. The [name of organisation] couldn't be effective without the help of selfless volunteers just like you. I want to make sure you know just how much your past efforts have been appreciated, as well as how much your continued willingness to volunteer with [name of organisation] is valued.


With Appreciation,



[Your Name Here]


Fundraising Coordinator



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