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Raising Funds with a General Donation Request Letter PDF


 Sample Fundraising Letter: General Donation Request

Is your favorite charity having a tough time getting the funds it needs to operate? Why not pitch in and help by sending general donation request letters to your friends, family members and business acquaintances. Sometimes knowing that a charity’s mission is important to someone else helps convince new people to start giving.


Dear [Recipient's Name]:


I have long been a supporter of [charity], because of the significant contributions this group  akes to our community on an ongoing basis. Without [charity], [number] of people in our region would not have access to the [type of services provided] they need to effectively cope with [problem].


It’s becoming increasingly difficult for [charity] to continue to provide all of the services that are needed due to increasing costs and the current economic environment. That’s why I’m contacting you. I feel so strongly about [charity]’s work that I’m reaching out to my [type of contacts] to request financial support for the organisation.


Any amount you can share will be put to good use, right her in our community. Your gift will make it possible for [charity] to continue providing assistance to people in our area who wouldn’t have anywhere to turn for assistance without [charity]. Please send your donation in the enclosed envelope, or visit [website] for more information about [charity]. Thank you in advance for your generosity.







[Charity] Supporter



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