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 Sample Fundraising Letter: Medical Research

Are you committed to raising money to research treatments and cures for a particular disease? You probably aren't the only person concerned with making sure that medical research for this illness gets the funding it needs. An effective fundraising letter can go a long way in helping recruit donors to help fund your medical research efforts.


Dear [Recipient's Name]:


As you may know, my [family member, friend, etc.] is living with [disease]. I've made a personal commitment to working to find better treatments and a cure. While I can't actually conduct

medical research myself, I can make a difference by helping to raise the funding needed to fund continuing research efforts that may one day wipe out [disease].


The [name] Foundation has made important strides in medical research about [disease]. This year, I'm in charge of the foundation's annual fundraising campaign, and I'm writing to

request your support to continue the fight for a cure. Whether you've been personally affected by [disease] or not, it's likely that someone you care about has been. I'm sure you know how

debilitating it can be, and understand why finding improved treatment options is so important.


To show your support, please return your donation or the attached pledge card in the enclosed envelope. Every donation makes a difference, and moves us a little closer to a world in

which no one will have to be affected by [disease]. You may also donate online by visiting [website]. Thank you in advance for your support and generosity.







[Organization] Annual Campaign Chair



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