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 Sample Fundraising Letter: Campaign Support Donation Request

Is there an important law pending in your community? Will your neighbors and colleagues soon be voting on an important regulation that will raise money for school or road improvements? If you want to help make sure the proposed regulation passes, you might want to consider getting involved with raising money for the campaign effort. A well-written fundraising letter can have a major impact on how effectively the campaign will be able to get the word out to voters.


 Dear [Recipient's Name]:


Later this year, the citizens of [name of community] will have an opportunity to vote to authorize much needed improvements to our [what will be improved] system. I’m sure you agree that our [what will be improved] is in need of a good bit of work. The only way the needed improvements can happen is if the proposed legislation gets a sufficient number of votes to pass. That’s why it’s more important to show your support for these improvements now than ever before.


The [name] committee is working hard to spread the word throughout our community about what each voter can do to ensure that our [what will be improved] get the funding necessary to bring them up to standard. I’m writing to request your financial support for the [name] committee’s grassroots campaign efforts. Any amount of financial support you’re able to commit will play an important role in educating the citizens of [community] about this important voting opportunity.


Please return your donation in the enclosed envelope, or visit [website] to make a donation online. If you’d like a bumper sticker or yard sign, please mark the appropriate spot on your donation form, and we’ll have the materials delivered to you right away. Thank you in advance for your support and commitment.







[Name] Committee Fundraising Director



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