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Gathering Support for your Fundraiser Drive Letter Template PDF


 Sample Fundraising Letter: Fundraising Drive Support Request

Many nonprofit organisations designate particular days or weeks as focused fundraising times. If your charity is planning a fundraising drive, whether it's a telethon, relay, walk/run, or other type of event, be sure to provide your volunteers with a fundraising letter they can use to help encourage donors to open their wallets for the event.


Dear [Recipient's Name]:


On [date], I will be working with hundreds of individuals dedicated to ending the devastation caused by [issue]. The problem of [issue] is a growing one, with the potential to negatively impact many more people without the work of [name of organisation]. I'm writing to ask you to make a pledge to support the important research and charitable work provided by [name of organisation].


This issue is one that is close to my heart. My [title of person affected] has struggled with this problem, and found great comfort in the assistance provided by [name of organisation]. That's why I'm dedicated to doing everything in my power to help [name of organisation] continue to

provide assistance to those impacted by [issue].


I've been challenged to raise [number] dollars through my participation in [event]. Please do what you can to help me reach this goal with your pledge of a tax deductible donation. You may mail your pledge in the enclosed envelope, or I'll collect it from you following the event, no

later than [deadline date].


Thank you in advance for your generous support. It is only through the generosity and commitment of donors such as yourself that [name of organisation] is able to continue to provide assistance to individuals in our community whose lives are impacted by [issue].





[Your Name Here]


[Name of Organisation] Volunteer



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