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 Sample Fundraising Letter: Request for Construction Donation

Has your organisation outgrown its current facility? Does your charity need to build a new office building or space to serve clients? If so, you probably need to raise a significant amount of money before you can get started. While you're likely to need to hold several fundraising drives in order to reach your goal, one of the first things you need to do is send out construction donation request letters to those who have supported your charity in the past.


Dear [Recipient's Name]:


As you know, [name of organization] has been providing much needed services to needy individuals right here in our local community for [number] of years. Each year, the number of people whose lives are affected by [issue] increases, and our services are needed more and more. It is our mission to provide assistance to every individual living with [issue] in our community.


At [name of organisation], we cannot stand the thought of turning away individuals who need our services simply because we do not have room to accommodate them. Because of the increasing need for assistance in the local area, [name of organisation] has committed to expanding our facility so that we may fully serve the needs of our community's citizens who are impacted by [issue].


In order to fulfill our mission, we need more space. To get the space we need to serve the community fully, we need your help. Please consider making a donation to the [name of organisation] building fund. All monies raised will be used to secure land and fund construction for our new facility. With this new space, we'll be able to serve [number] more people each year, which will have a residual positive impact on the community as a whole.


All donations are needed and appreciated, regardless of size. Please think about how important the work of [name of organisation] really is, and consider the positive impact a larger facility will have on those in our community who living with [issue]. Please, send your donation to [name of organisation] in the enclosed envelope, so we may expand our outreach and make sure that no one affected by [issue] is left out.





[Your Name Here]


Silent Auction Coordinator

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